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We are moving to Panda's Coffee House!

Updated: May 1

Hello Everyone, as you may know we are moving our space from Post Market Balham to Panda’s Coffee House📍. We have learnt so much being a small family business and are grateful to everyone that enjoyed our food or even just had a chat 🙏. However for us to grow, we believe a bigger space accompanied with our high quality food will provide you all with a much more fulfilling experience and leave you more satisfied after dining in 🍱🍣. After hosting 3 events at Panda’s Coffee House, the feedback has been amazing so we believe all future customers will positively benefit from this decision.

But what does this mean for business🤔

Well this does mean that there will be a couple changes👀…. Firstly our menus will be altered a little such as our Bottomless and Regular menu🍜. Similarly, our trading hours may change a little bit but should remain relatively the same😉. Finally, we will be offering options for you all to book the space for parties, celebrations or whatever you have in mind🎊🍾. Panda’s Coffee House🐼 and Kudasai㊗️ are very eager to provide great food, drink and experiences for any celebrations you may have so keep an eye out!

So when are you expected to move and officially open🤩🍾?

We are expected to open in our new home from Saturday 4th May. When we open, you may find that our regular menu might have a reduced amount of items 🍜. We want our transition to Panda’s Coffee House to be smooth as possible so we might not have all the stock to provide all food, but this will only be temporary 😉.

More information on the nuances or anything that we believe may be beneficial to you will be announced on our website or social media so do keep an eye out 👀. Thank you again to everyone that has supported the business 🙏. This wouldn’t be possible without you all and we really appreciate what you’ve given us❤️.

Premium and affordable Japanese Food in Balham

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